Do You Need To Lose Weight?

The ‘big’ question on everyone’s mind is whether weight loss is the right step for them in their quest for good health. The media makes us feel as though we have to be slim to be healthy but that is not necessarily the case as we can be overweight and healthy. So should you lose weight?

Well, the answer is ‘maybe.’

If you’ve talked with your doctor about changing the way you live your life, it’s possible that they have already discussed losing weight and how many kilograms you should weigh. If not, it might be time to ask your doctor what they recommend. For many people, losing just 10% of their overall body mass will help them reduce their risk of health problems or diminish the ones they might already have.

The problem is that when you gain weight, the fat not only makes your pants more uncomfortable, but it can also begin to slow down your organs and other body processes (except your heart, it gets faster!). Weight that you have around your middle, especially, has been shown to be toxic to your health, increasing your risk of heart related problem like those of Coronary Heart Disease.

But there is no special ‘trick’ to losing weight. It’s a matter of simply consuming less calories when you eat, and burning more when you exercise!

While it’s not a very exciting way to look at weight loss, it is the truth. Weight loss is a mathematical equation. When you take in more calories than you burn off (whether in exercise or your usual metabolic rate), you will gain weight.
There are some simple ways to make weight loss easier:
• Eat only until you are satisfied
• Chew your food thoroughly to slow down the eating process
• Try filling half your plate with vegetables and the rest with small
portions of the other food groups
• Allow yourself a small treat every now and then (less now, and more
• Exercise more
• Follow the basic nutritional guidelines
• Cook without oils or fats

Getting Started in 24 Hours!

So, you’re motivated to get going on your new life. Now what?
If you want to get started in the next twenty-four hours, here are the things you need to do:

1. Clean out your pantry
2. Stock up with healthy foods
3. Create Outcome, Process and Performance goals
4. Plan for how to deal with sabotage situations
5. Create a list of excuses you might have and then counter those excuses
with motivating thoughts and answers.

That’s all it takes to get started. So what are you waiting for?

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