Weight Loss Excuses: No Time, Money, or Motivation!

Quite often when we are asked why we are not improving our health our response is that “I have no time, I’m just too busy!”, or “I can’t afford it”, or “I just couldn’t be bothered!”

Well here are some strategies for overcoming these issues!


Lack of time
What any of us would give for ever just one more hour in our days…

Here are some ways to find time for your new exercise plans:
• Wake up a half an hour earlier
• Bring workout clothes wherever you go so that when you have time to
exercise, you can
• Walk to work for your workout or have someone drop you off so that
you have to walk back
• Workout on your lunch hour
• Schedule your workout time into your day like any other appointment
that you HAVE to keep
• Hire someone to watch your children during your workout time, even if
you are at home
• Start with just twenty minutes a few days a week. When you get
comfortable with that, add more time slowly. You will be surprised at
how easy it is to add more time to your workout once you get used to
the idea of working out.
• Make a ‘date’ that involves working out – like with your friends or with
a partner.

Lack of Money
Good health doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it truly shouldn’t. While you might think you need to spend money in order to exercise and to get into shape, this isn’t the case. Some of the best ways to exercise only require time, a comfortable pair of athletic shoes and the motivation to get moving.

Here are some inexpensive ways to exercise:
• Walk around the neighbourhood
• Walk your dog at the local park
• Dance around to your favourite songs at home
• Lift heavy cans of food or water bottles for strength training
• Check to see if your employer offers fitness discounts or benefits
• Share a personal trainer with a friend – That is, have both of you go to
the same personal trainer at the same time so that you only have to
pay half of their fees.
• Rent videos from the local library or find exercise books to borrow
• Rotate exercise videos and DVDs among your friends
• Run around with your children at the playground
Lack of motivation
Unfortunately, motivation is one thing that you just can’t buy. But there are ways to help keep yourself motivated as you are increasing your activity levels and beginning to improve your health.

• Keep a picture of the ‘old’ you somewhere to motivate you to do
• Look at a copy of your last blood test results to remind you why you
are exercising now
• Make a list of all the reasons why your life will be better if you
continue to make healthy habits
• Enlist a fitness and health buddy to motivate each other
• Put your exercise clothes out where you can see them or put them on
as soon as you wake up so that you get out the door
• Reward yourself often with non-food things for your progress – a new
outfit, music CD, book, etc.
• Take a few days off of working out – Sometimes when your motivation
is flagging, you need to just take some time off. Maybe your body just
needs a break.
• Read success stories on the internet or in books – Reading about how
others have achieved their goals can be motivating
• Embrace the compliments you receive – Write down any compliments
you receive and read them when you start to lose your motivation.

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One Response to “ Weight Loss Excuses: No Time, Money, or Motivation! ”

  1. Jennifer McCarthy

    February 1, 2010 @ 10:32 pm

    This is so true! I recently started exercising just half an hour a day after I dropped the kids off at school. I have since increased that to an hour or more a day and found ways to add it to my daily household chores!

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