Weight Loss Strategies For Eating Right!

If you’re going into ‘battle’ with your body in order to get it back into shape, you need the best strategies you can find.
How to choose healthy foods
Now that you’ve learned about which foods are recommended in order to get the right levels of nutrients in your body, you might want to learn about how to always make the best choices when you’re out shopping.

One of the best pieces of advice for shopping is to stick to the outside aisles of the store where they have coolers and refrigerators. This will help you to choose only natural foods that are sold without preservatives. If you also try to limit your shopping to mostly fresh and perishable foods, you will be choosing primarily healthy foods.

You can also help your healthy food shopping by only shopping at stores that offer healthy foods – i.e. organic food marts and health food stores. Try not to buy anything that comes in a box because that probably has synthetic ingredients in it as well as sugars and added fats that your body does not need.

Avoid buying foods in a can if you can – UNLESS they are sodium free. Canned foods can be convenient ways to add vegetables to your diet if you don’t have the time to cook them (so are frozen fruits and vegetables) so long as they don’t have added sodium or sugar. A good motto to follow is that the closer it is to its source, the better it is for you. So, for example, carrots that you find in your grocery store are closer to their original state than canned carrot slices.

How to stick to the plan
Once you come up with an eating plan that you feel will help your health become better, you need to figure out a way to keep up the good work. For some people, just knowing that they are doing things that are healthy for them is enough to spur them on. But the rest of us need more help.

Here are some helpful hints for helping you stick with your eating plan:

• Make your meals ahead of time – Spend one day each week making
your meals and then freeze them or bag them into individual portions
to make eating simple.
• Plan out your meals for the week and then buy only those ingredients
at the store.
• Create a reward system for yourself – The best rewards when you’re
trying to lose weight are non-food rewards such as clothes, books, etc.
But some people find that having one ‘cheat’ meal each week helps to
keep them on track the rest of the week. This is fine if you can contain
it to within reason, but you don’t want to get into a situation where
you splurge out on that day and consume as many calories in that one
meal that you have burned in exercise during the week. You also don’t
want that one cheat meal to turn into a ‘cheat’ month.
• Continue to learn new recipes so that you don’t get bored
• Have a healthy eating partner that you can call when you’re having
• Shop only when you aren’t hungry – Heading to a grocery store when
you are hungry might make it easier to choose unhealthy foods.
Creating time to prepare meals
Time is a valuable commodity and so hard to find in our busy lives. But being healthy will require that you take more time preparing your meals. Thankfully, there are ways to make the most of your cooking time and often cut it down to only minutes of preparation time:

• Cook meals in large quantities – That way, you can freeze the leftovers
and have a meal that’s ready for the next day or even the next month.
• Include your family in the food preparation – The more hands that can
help, the less time cooking will take.
• Start a potluck club – With some friends, have everyone switch off in
the food preparations for a night a week. This will save you time one
day a week, plus it will help everyone learn new healthy recipes.
• Find vegetables that are pre-cut and spices that are ready to use.
• Look for ingredients that just need to be heated up – Though you want
to avoid processed foods as much as you can, sometimes it can help to
use some precooked meats to help speed up your cooking.

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