Healthy Relationships For A Healthy Life!

Do you have relationships in your life that are making you sick?  There’s scientific evidence to suggest that our relationships can actually contribute to illness, through the constant stress they create.  Therefore, in order to achieve a healthy life, it is important to make our relationships healthy, or avoid the toxic ones!

It might sound amusing, but there have been studies to suggest that people who are married often tend to live longer.  Experts state that marriage provides a supportive, nurturing environment for individuals, enabling them to better fight off disease.  The support of a loving spouse, family, and friends, can make all the difference in the world, especially when one is battling a serious illness.

MaintOur levels of stress can be lowered by maintaing healthy relationships as stress is considered to be an important contributing factor for illness.  By improving our relationships with other people—particularly with those we see most throughout each day (ie, family members and work colleagues)—we can cut down on the stress which can drain our strength, making it difficult for us to fight off infections.

But simply knowing this is not enough. We have to put positive strategies in place so that we can ensure that our relationships are healthy.  According to most psychologists, communication is a key ingredient of a healthy relationship.  Unless we feel confident in how to communicate how we feel, we will be unable to thrive in our relationships and we will leave ourselves open to becoming a victim to the agenda of others.  If you don’t like to confrontation, you might find it more difficult to communicate with others.   Therefore, you must learn effective communication skills to improve this.

Before you can communicate in your relationships, you must know your goals and desires.  In other words, you have to know what you want before you can articulate it to another person.  You should try to keep an open mind, listening carefully to what the other person has to say.  If you trying to communicate your issues with a person’s behaviour, try to avoid judgemental statements such as, “You are always late.”  Instead, say something like, “When you are out and I don’t hear back from you, I worry.”  That way, you are telling the other person how his or her behavior makes you feel.   It is also vitally important that you admit your mistakes and apologize for them.  Such a simple action shows that you are really concerned about the other person’s feelings.

Showing your emotional support for others is also important when trying to maintain a healthy relationship. This shows them that you will stand by them—in good times and bad.  It also shows that you accept them for who they are and won’t try to change them.  Showing a healthy interest in their concerns will give them confidence in you as a friend or spouse as this shows that you care about the things that mean something to them.  You will also portray yourself as a caring individual who is concerned about the other person’s welfare.

Healthy relationships also depend upon setting limits for yourself, and respecting the limits of other people.  You should never tolerate abuse in any relationships, no matter whether it is emotional abuse or physical abuse.   At the first warning signs, you should seek distance from the abuser.  Such distance is critical for your emotional well-being and long-term health. There are many places that can provide support when leaving an abusive relationship, be it financial support or safe accomodation.

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Healthy Relationships For A Healthy Life!

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